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recession. During the recent past considerable progress has been achieved. Fortunately, many witnesses of the recent past are still alive. So these events in our recent past really are unique in the recent past. over the past years.

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in past years. in recent times. in the last years. in the recent past. over the past years.

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In the recent past, however, increases in technological capabilities have also been ascertained in the rapidly growing economies: "During the last decade, the playing field in the international innovation competition is no longer being recruited only from the industrialised western countries, but has been greatly extended through the The Recent addressed the age “tenanted by man,” which at the time barely extended beyond the chronicles of the Bible. References [ edit ] ^ Charles Lyell (1833) Principles of Geology , volume III, book IV, page 385 : “All formations, whether igneous or aqueous, which can be shown by any such proofs to be of a date posterior to the Synonyms for in recent past include recently, freshly, newly, just, only, lately, latterly, now, afresh and a moment ago. Find more similar words at! Recent document option has been removed on Windows 10.

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You have been replaced by another person. The tense here is present perfect, which is often used to talk about the very recent past. Find 16 ways to say IN RECENT PAST, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Brazil’s Recent Past a Challenge to Winning ESG Credibility Corruption, environmental disasters and deforestation worry some investors In the recent past, this process has increasingly involved the largest banks, which [] have reinforced their position in domestic markets or have striven to achieve sufficient "mass" to integrate wholesale and capital market activities and compete on a euro area-wide basis in several areas (e.g.

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recent graduate. recently. receptacle. reception. receptionist. receptive. recess.
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Recent past svenska

: Handcraft in Sweden.

Prenumeranter – Maghrib in Past & Present | Podcasts is a forum in which artists, writers, and scholars from North Africa, the United States, and beyond can present their ongoing and innovative research on and cultural activities in the Maghrib. The podcasts are based on lectures or performances before live audiences across the Maghrib.
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However, the difference between the ordinary present tense and the recent past tense is not quite clear yet. Different schools and communities of Sanskrit use their own way of distinguishing the difference.

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Translation for 'recent past' in the free English-Spanish dictionary and many other Spanish translations. in the recent past. over the past years. over the years. recent times. for some time past.